Spring Resolutions

spring Well pals, we’ve made it. Today is the first official day of spring. If I stand in the sun, avoid the still-frozen patches of snow and ice, and have my jacket firmly zipped up to my neck, it even feels like it.

While we’re still a few more weeks away from constant sunshine, my ride to work felt hopeful in a way I always associate with the springtime. For me, spring feels more like a rebirth and renewal than January and New Year’s ever has. Which is why, this morning I decided to do something a little different. I’ve made a list of my spring "resolutions", if you will. I’ve come up with five small things that will hopefully make me more productive in both my professional and personal lives. Here goes:

  • Write more. Pitch more.  I have a terrible habit: I avoid and pass up too many writing opportunities because I don’t feel confident enough in my ability. I constantly and consistently second guess myself. I plan to spend this season making an active attempt to stop this self-sabotage and take more professional risks. 
  • Cook more meals at home. It’s obviously both cheaper and healthier. But more importantly, I find the act of cooking extremely soothing and it works wonders at quelling my anxiety.
  • Watch more films on Netflix. Not to sound like the pretentious dude at the back of your Dramatic Writing uni lecture but, indie films are awesome. When I go on a Netflix-bender, I tend to watch or re-watch the more obvious stuff. Parks and Rec, The Office, It’s Always Sunny….etc. I always forget that Netflix is kind of a landmine for the more quirky and off-beat stuff.
  • Visit my family more. Okay it’s massively cliche, but I honestly don’t think you appreciate stuff like this until you’re older. One of my favorite warm-weather activities is sitting out on my grandma’s deck, drinking rum cocktails, and gossiping with my aunts and cousins while my dad insists on blasting dancehall through his Bluetooth speakers. I am absolutely itching for a night like that.
  • Save money more aggressively. It always easier to do this when I have in a specific goal in mind. London is my favorite place on the planet, and while I was able to make a trip in October 2016, I’m already getting that ball of longing at the pit of my stomach whenever I think about it. I’m hoping to return sooner rather later.